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TITLE: Ways To Convert People Into A-Team Fans

AUTHOR: Hannurdock


WARNINGS: No warnings, except maybe becoming certifiable after reading it




DISCLAIMER: The characters are property of Cannell and company. I just write about them. I don't make bags out of them!


*Giggle* - I'm tired, and this is the kind of weird thing I do when I am over-tired. Here's to the weekend !!! *Raising beer at 2.00 in the morning*

SCENARIO: OK, so your friend is not exactly an A-Team enthusiast. She hates the team, and your job is to convert. *giggle*

1. Hum the A-Team theme tune whenever you are around the AA Friend (Against A-Team). Eventually, whether she knows it or not she'll start humming it too. A catchy tune always catches them out.

2. Have an evening at home playing board games. Put a few episodes of the A-Team on the box. Play the game for hours, being as boring as possible. Eventually she will turn her eyes for entertainment towards the TV, and wham, got her.

3. Ask her opinions every minute on if she thinks Face is good looking. Show pictures, with him smiling broadly. If that doesn't work, nothing will.

4. Infect her Furby with A-Team words - like 'I love it when a plan comes together', 'and on the jazz'. The principle being simple, Furby owners love their pretend pets so much, they DO start to talk like them. (Believe me I know, I have two).

5. Comment on every movie with an A-Team slant. Like, oh isn't Aliens a good film. Yeah, but wouldn't Hannibal be an ideal choice instead of Hicks. More leadership experience, after all.

6. Ask her opinions on the war in Vietnam. Then spend five hours explaining how the team knocked over the Bank of Hanoi and got caught 50 clicks from Denang.

7. Smoke cigars in her prescence. When asked to put it out, chew off the end and spit it on her shoe.

8. Steal a straight jacket, put her in it and leave her with the television set doing a marathon of 10 ateam episodes. If nothing else, at least she'll act like Murdock when she's freed.

9. Create an A-Team computer virus especially for her machine. Have Hannibal snickering in the background, and BA telling her to SHUT UP, FOOL! would be extremely amusing, and also send her insane.

10. Last, but certainly not least, introduce her to the fanfic at the VA Canteen.

Well, that's it. If your friend is not seriously insane or salivating like a mad woman once your done, you may have scored a winner !!

Either that, or just throw her in the VA in a straight jacket !!!