GA Price

TITLE: Twinkle (Nice cars in a bad situation)

AUTHOR: Hannurdock




CATEGORY: Action, Adventure


DISCLAIMER: No profit was gained from this or any other A-Team story wrote, only satisfaction. Characters owned by Stephen J. Cannell & Co.


Watch them twinkle, sparkle, learn

As Decker sets his tyres to burn

Will he get the team today?

Hannibal really wants to play

Decker revves the car up quick,

The sharp turns almost make Crane sick

The van plays a real crazy game,

But for the A-Team, this is tame!

Decker curses, tyres explode,

He races to his next abode,

A sleek Ferrari is his goal,

Crane wishes he was on the dole.

"How do we explain this one, sir?"

Crane asks, as Decker makes the engine purr.

"Military Business. Simple, hey?"

Says Decker, as Crane starts to pray.

"Forgive me God!" Crane whispers in fear,

As Decker mumbles "dear, oh dear",

The wheels spin, the car hits a wall,

The A-Team cheer, they're having a ball!

Decker commandeers a BMW,

To crane he says "Get outta that rubble, you!"

Crane is starting to lose his guts

He's seriously thinking Decker's nuts!

Decker follows close to the van,

He shouts across to the Faceman

"Give up, Peck, its over now!"

Peck smiles "Now lets not start a row!"

Hannibal laughs, and sticks out his head,

Decker turns an ugly shade of red,

Then Decker sees the M-16,

Too late! The tyres begin to scream!!!

The car spins wildly out of control,

Now Crane is really on the dole.

A clump of metal marks the spot

Where the BMW was left to rot.

Undeterred, Decker makes a move again

A Lotus he grabs from good looking men

The sportscar screeches after the team,

As Crane's shorts begin to cream.

BA maneouvers into the car,

The team all shout a joint "Hoorraaahhhh"

Decker shouts, the car goes spinnin'

He realises now, the team are winning.

"Next time, Smith" Decker vowes to Crane,

Crane is full of pure disdain,

So many cars they wrecked today,

And all coming out of their severence pay!!