GA Price

RE: Need Help


From H.O.W.LING Mad:
You are in trouble. You have a lead on the A-Team - an address - and you really need their help. You decide to write a letter. You fear that they might move on if you're not quick enough, so you write one under 500 words :) It has to be convincing, I'm not saying insane, but you really have to appeal to
them, especially your fave, seeing as that one person could persuade the rest of the team. You've heard that the team might have another job to do and that they will be gone from the address in two days - you can't risk not contacting them. I'm sure you will receive a letter back if you write...

Trying to convince: Murdock

Dear A-Team,

RE:  Need Help

I am in trouble and I need your help.  I know that receiving letters and replying to this one will seem a risk, but you understand, I have no choice.

Yesterday my husband was killed by a ruthless land developer called Sampson King. He's a son of a bitch if you ask me, shouldave been run outta here a long time ago, but no-one has the guts to take him on. Except my husband, Frank. He hated Sampson's control over everyone, and went into Sampson's office with a pistol, on his own. He returned later in the evening ... in a wooden casket with a bunch of flowers addressed to me saying "Eat my shorts".

Frank didn't deserve to die. He did two tours in Vietnam, he received a Medal of Honour for his outstanding bravery. He was kind and generous to his friends and his job was a private pilot. It was his small runway that Sampson wanted, stuck in the middle of two high rise sky scrapers.

Sampson offered us money to move on, a substantial amount. I know that your thinking, why didn't we take the money and move?  Frank's father Fabiger owned the runway before Frank, and it was a dying gift to his son. The mansion, gold mine, bank accounts and lottery ticket worth fifty million pounds went to Frank's sister Polly. Frank worked to make his business successful, but now, he will never be able to realise his dream completely.

I would appreciate a meeting with yourselves to discuss this further. I have to advise you that since Frank died, I have been put in the Veterans Administration for observation. (I also served in Vietnam. I was a Captain)  This might make the meeting a little difficult to arrange, but I beseech you to help me. I have lost everything, except my invisible dog.

Yours sincerely
Capt. Jean Luq Pickard.