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Murdock the Great!

From Bloo.
Now onto the second part! ((((Sorry its taken forever!! - Hann))))) You have to write an essay about your fav TAT character - and it has to have real as well as bogus reasons for your choice. Must be under 500 words AND include the following...

  • Handbag
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Baby oil
  • Porche

REMEMBER: this is not a story, it is factual, coming from your POV.

Murdock the Great!

Why do I like a madman from an insane asylum who talks to invisible dogs and horses? Who smears baby oil on his Winnie the Pooh teddy bear and names it Handbag.  Who disappears without a trace at least four times a month and usually ends up stealing an airoplane and flying some known fugitives around for fun? Why? Am I as nutty as he is?

Well, I think Face had it right when he said "Crazy, but a good kinda crazy".  Murdock may be a little ..... aherm ..... off his head, but he does have a good heart and he'll do anything for his friends. He'll even rip the jacket off his back for his close pals. Of course, Face would have to scam him a new one afterwards!

Murdock was a pilot in 'Nam, before that he was in the Thunderbirds flying the Porche's of the Skies. While his closest friends got caught for a bank robbery, he was institutionalised at the Veterans Administration Insane Asylum, and kinda grew to like the fact he got his own room and board for free. Not to mention the cool extra's - disabled parking spaces, orderlies to tell you stories before bedtime and pills to make your head spin.

Murdock is quite a character. In later episodes you question whether he is insane or whether he is sane in an insane world. Either way, he's unique. His brand of sanity is either too advanced for our puny brains to comprehend or he is the biggest nutter on the block (besides big Milligan of course).

But what of his early past? Does Murdock have parents? Well, I can remember his mother being mentioned in the first episode. Apparantly she died when he was five, but he received a call from her becuase he had a new connection at the VA when he was speaking with Amy Allen.  (????)  Apart from that, HM Murdock is a mystery.  What does the HM part stand for? Haven't the foggiest idea!

What is certain about the character is he's one of a kind, a real gem. He's a little crazy, but he is genuine and kind hearted. Animals love him! Girls love him! Just look at those huge, brown puppy-dog eyes when you next watch the show and ask yourself - could I NOT love this crazy foo'?