GA Price

TITLE: Things Face Would Have Hated To Hear (during the episode Without Reservations)

AUTHOR: Hannurdock


WARNINGS: OOC, fun, slightly insane!




DISCLAIMER: The characters are property of Cannell and company. I just write about them. I don't make bags out of them!

During the episode Without Reservations. The scene where Face was shot and Murdock took Face into the kitchen and all that character building stuff they cut.

Here is my own version of the character building stuff they cut VBG Of course.

This is what Face would have HATED to hear when dying on that kitchen floor ...

1.Face, this may be the last time we ever talk again. Lets be silent and share the moment.

2.I can't hear you, Face. I have pizza in my ear.

3.Oops, I dropped my wrist watch into your wound. Hold still while I fish it out.

4.I'm not going to say Farewell. Because you are not faring well.

5.Did you know, that big guy that shot you slept with your half-sister, Ellen?

6.I can't find a pulse. Is it on the big toe or the little toe again?

7.We don't have any pillows for you to rest your weary head on. Here, use a pizza base instead.

8.Oh shit I broke a nail. Uh oh ... time to go fishing again!

9.Face, I have your birthday present in the van. Its a shame if you don't make it. I'll have to take it back ...

10.Face, this is very important. Its the last thing I will ever say to you and I need to get this out .... did you wear underwear with hearts on in the Army?