GA Price

InSaNIty QueSTionNAire

Please note your answers as you go along.

Question 1:

When passing an Army/Navy store, what is your initial reaction?

a. I want those boots, Hannibal had a pair in 'Diamonds 'n Dust.'

b. Sneak quickly past, hoping no-one notices the furtive glances.

c. Enter the shop and start a lengthy discussion with the guy (or gal) behind the counter about the realism of movies portraying war.

d. You shriek as you hit the dirt, "Dive! Dive! Errrruuuuka!!!

Question 2:

When watching a movie, what do you do?

a. Immediately visualise the A-Team as the main cast.

b. Just enjoy the movie. Heck, you've watched enough episodes in the past, it's nice for a change.

c. Start wondering why the combat gear Tom Cruise is wearing is missing the crucial tag on the left shoulder and start a letter of complaint to the Director of the movie.

d. Start screaming, "that's Dwight's role!! Dwight can play it better!! Why isn't he the star?"

Question 3:

(For the women) You see a Murdock look-a-like walking down the road;

(for the men) You see a Tawnia look-a-like walking down the road; you cross paths what is your initial reaction?

a. You start smiling, smirking, pointing and referring to several episodes where Murdock/Tawnia took a leading role.

b. Smile briefly... and then walk by with a sigh.

c. Mutter something along the lines of; "Isn't it sad some people don't get on in life with the talent they so obviously have?

d. Jump up and down, embracing Murdock/Tawnia look-a-like repeatedly... until they become white from the shock of it!

Question 4:

Do you consider yourself SaNE?

a. Not when Murdock is on TV ;)
b. I'm not over the top, I do like to have fun though.

c. I'm SaNE... in an InsaNE world!!

d. Well, does seeing imaginary pets, imaginary friends and an imaginary world count?

Question 5:

What is the closest representation of your room from the descriptions given?

a. Standard white wallpaper, covered with shots from The A-Team and/or A-Team posters.

b. Blue, Green or Lilac wallaper, a standard design, a few pictures... nothing unusual.

c. A signed theory from Einstein on chalkboard walls.

d. Black, Navy or Military print with a siren in the corner, a hand grenade on a shelf, a pack of knives in the wardrobe, a survival kit in the cabinet and a first aid kit in an air-tight heavt-duty wall safe.

Question 6:

Which personality describes you the most?

a. One tracked mind, i.e. a certain television show.

b. Try to be kind, generous and friendly.

c. I have a brain roughly the size of the Grand Canyon.

d. MaD, cRazY; needs to be locked up. Not a serious threat to society, but definitely falls under the labl of insanity.

Question 7:

Complete the phrase; "Every cloud has...."

 a. A bi-plane flown by Murdock, of course!

b. A silver lining.

c. Small ice particles that cause friction by rubbing with larger ice particles which causes static forming electricity... leading to lightning.

d. Three angels sitting playing harps, complaining amongst themselves about God not allowing them to sit on the Ninth Cloud whilst playing tunes on their pretty harps.

Question 8:

Who is your best friend?

a. A fellow A-Team buddy.

b. Someone I can trust with my life.

c. I would name him... but he's dead. (Einstein, sigh, I miss you!)

d. A girl in the next room with rubber walls.

Question 9:

Which A-Team phrase is your favourite?

a. I love it when a plan comes together - Hannibal. (Numerous Episodes)

b. There are so many I like... although I haven't got a favourite.

c. Tyranny is a state of mind, not a nationality - Hannibal. (The Big Squeeze)

d. I did what I did, 'cause if I didn't do it, it wouldn't 'ave got done - Murdock. (The Road To Hope)

Question 10:

Finally... and this is the BIG ONE, please indicate which percentage best fits your levels of INSANITY!!!

a. 50%... half and half.

b. 15%... not that crazy, just a regular fan.

c. 75%... all Genius's are insane, that's why we are so famous!

d. 100%... I have my own room and board at the VA to prove it!


That's the end of the questionnaire. Please total how many A's, B's, C's and D's you got... the letter with the most answers is the one you are most like!!

Mostly A's... The Obsessed One

Mostly B's... The Norm

Mostly C's... The Intellect

Mostly D's... Utterly Insane

The Obsessed One

You are completely insane ... about the A-Team. Nothing unusual about that, I guess that's why we're here in the padded walls of this room LOL. However, life is slowly disappearing into the never ending re-runs, and somethimes its better to find something else than A-Team to do ....

The Norm

Nothing weird about you, Matey. You are a regular guy / gal. You believe in friendship, loyalty and nobility which was probably the reasons you were attracted to the show in the first place. You watch the episodes, but not all the time ....

The Intellect

Critical, full of knowlege, and slightly mad. You believe to be successful, you must be a little insane - 'cause everyone who makes it are a little loopy. You know where your going, and you have the brains to get there fast ....

Utterly Insane

They let you walk around on the street? Or were you 'sprung' by some of your more 'unusual' friends - such as a big guy with a mohawk, and a nice looking fella with a VERY nice smile ....