GA Price

TITLE: Deckers Revenge (Written in 1994)

AUTHOR: Hannurdock (Aged around 15 / 16)



STORY TYPE: Third Person

CATEGORY: Action, Adventure


DISCLAIMER: I knew nothing about copyright back then, I just loved the team. No profit was gained from this or any other A-Team story wrote, only satisfaction. Comments - If you want, but go easy - I was only young.



George Peppard died at the age of 65 on the 8th May 1994 on Sunday, late evening. He was suffering from respiratory problems due to heavy smoking. Peppard (John ‘Hannibal’ Smith in The A-Team) starred in the series A-Team alongside Mr. T (BA Baracus), Melinda Culea (Amy Amanda Allen or Triple ‘A’), Dwight Schultz (Howling Mad Murdock) and Dirk Benedict (Tempelton ‘Faceman’ Peck). George Peppard was talented and is missed so much by me, Georgina that I dedicate my newest A-Team story to his death. - Georgina Price (1994) May you rest in peace.


Decker fumed and paced impatiently up and down the corridor waiting to enter Corporal Lyndon’s office.

“Come in, Colonel Decker” The Corporal yelled. Roderick Decker walked through to the office to see a very red-faced man.

“Your off the A-Team’s case” Lyndon yelled. Decker looked surprised and dismayed.

“You can’t do this!” He said. “They are mine!”

“No, they are not. They belong to Fredrick Johnson now!” Lyndon said. Decker walked furiously out of the office and stormed out of the building. He would not hesitate to kill any of The A-Team now, and was heading for the Veteran Hospital, where Murdock lived. He stopped at the entrance of the building to make sure his gun was loaded.

“Mamma, Peck here makes no noise, eh? See?” Murdock drawled as Peck was silently loading his pistol.

“Anyway, Murdock, gotta go. Just had to see if you were OK” Peck said.

Murdock saw Peck to the door of his room in the East Wing of the Veteran Hospital. “See you, Pally”

Peck waved goodbye and walked down the stairs. His heart missed a beat when he saw Decker coming along the corridor. Decker passed Peck without noticing who he was, and Peck silently followed Decker to Murdock’s room.

Decker burst in and saw Murdock in a corner looking dreamily out of the window. Murdock saw Hannibal and waved to him as Hannibal got out of The A-Team van.

Decker fired at Murdock with the gun, only moments before that, he’s been hidden.

Hannibal saw the blood stain on the window, and ran to the building. “Murdock!” He yelled.

Peck burst in and fired at Decker. He fell dead to the ground. Peck sank into the corner and cried.

Hannibal burst into the room, and rushed over to Murdock. He put an arm around Murdock’s and, grabbing the Faceman, he ran off.

The A-Team van disappeared around a corner, just as the police arrived.

Murdock had been grazed on the arm, he was bleeding, but not too heavily.

“You’ll be OK!” Hannibal confirmed. The A-Team van sped off into the distance, leaving behind a cloud of dust.



This story is dedicated to George Peppard who died yesterday at the age of 65. 09 May 1994. From a loving fan forever. - Georgina. May your soul rest in peace.