GA Price

TITLE: Courage

AUTHOR: Hannurdock


WARNINGS: Major character death, hurt, pain, anguish


CATEGORY: Action, Adventure


DISCLAIMER: No profit was gained from this or any other A-Team story wrote, only satisfaction. Characters owned by Stephen J. Cannell & Co.


Lifeless, painful, full of fear

Unable to shed a single tear

The only comfort in his pain,

Tis the fingers closing over his own again

Just who is it? Doesn't know

He only wants the pain to go

He screams aloud, and twists and turns

His mind explodes, he screams, he burns

Then the pain begins to ease

His eyes reveal a man on his knees

Praying slightly to a greater force

His face full of hurt, fear, remorse

"Hannibal, this isn't right,

You guys should be taking flight.

If Decker comes, you're a sitting duck

The team will be surely out of luck"

"Face lie still" Hannibal ordered,

He checked to ensure the windows were bordered

He sat by the young man's side

All pain, no scams, no tricks, no pride

"If Decker comes, we'll be side by side

No man can take our courage, our pride

The four of us will get away

That I vow on this darkened day

If Decker should come and knock

I swear! He'll shortly need a Doc

I'd kill him to get you out alive

And BA and Murdock, we'd all survive"

Face sighed and nodded, leant back still

Accepting from Hannibal the smallish pill

He sat and waited for Murdock and BA

But no familiar voices came that day

Hannibal began to get the shakes

After all, a small worry is all it takes

He quickly turned on headline news

And was met with some horrific views

The van was smashed, BA taken away

"But where was Murdock?" he did pray

Hannibal screamed, "Murdock dead?"

A headache wracked his fear-filled head

No! Thank God! Murdock was still breathing

His breath was ragged, he was madly seething

Decker smiled, vulture, cannibal

Murdock said one small word "Hannibal ...."

Hannibal flicked off the TV fast

He knew this sanctuary wouldn't last

He cursed himself, that Face was ill

He climbed a never ending hill

"Hannibal, you have to go

Save BA, Murdock, let them know

I'll be alright till you get back

For who's around to fear attack?"

Hannibal smiled, squeezed Peck's hand

Such perfect fingers, and golden tanned

"I won't forget" Hannibal swore to Peck

The broken figure, the man, the wreck

"Try to sleep whilst I am away"

"Hannibal, you really mustn't delay"

As Hannibal hurried out the door

Peck felt his body start to roar

The pain did cease, Peck began to float

He had had his final vote

With his last breath, he did cry

"I love you three, so I must die"