GA Price

TITLE: Born to be a leader

AUTHOR: Hannurdock




CATEGORY: Action, Adventure


DISCLAIMER: No profit was gained from this or any other A-Team story wrote, only satisfaction. Characters owned by Stephen J. Cannell & Co.


He wanders cooly over to the Big Man,

Asks him calmly if his mother was a man.

The Big Man growls and hits Hannibal fast

Hannibal reels but is determined to last

Another Big Guy with a Mohawk'd head

Tells his mate "That Big Dude's dead,

He shoulda left his ass in bed

He's gonna get it bad" BA said

BA's mate, a good lookin' fella

Says "That Big Dude, he is quite yella'

He'll be plucking feathers from his tum

Attacking Hannibal! He must be dumb!"

"No not dumb, a little out of his head"

A crazy voice, a man named Murdock said.

"Hannibal's the man, he'll have the last blow,

He'll strike hard, and high, and fast, and low"

"No, no Face, Murdock. He just an angry arse"

Face admits "Your right BA, tis quite a farce"

Hannibal delivers a quick uppercut

Follows through, with a HUGE headbutt

The Big Man reels, falls to his knees

All Hannibal see's is client fees ($$$$$)

As he knocks out the bigger man

BA shouts out "Way to go, Hann!"

Hannibal smirks and looks at the team

His smile, a grin, a white toothy beam

Until he hears the sirens afar

BA and Face run respectively to van and car

"Time to collect our fee" Hannibal speaks.

His ribs are gonna be hurting for weeks.

He looks upward, sees the sun burst through the bad weather

And says "I just love it when a plan comes together!"