GA Price


One night I had a cool dream ....
.... about our guys.

Let me tell you what happened.

My dream opened with an old house. Face and Murdock were enjoying themselves playing with some antique guns. However, not all the chambers were empty and a bullet resounded around the room, hitting Hannibal full in the chest. I ran forward, putting my hand over the wound (anyone jealous? Hee, hee)

Face and Murdock bound the wound, saying he'd have to stay with me whilst the team went on a suicide mission without him. I catch Face writing a letter, and start reading it when he pulls away. Its an amendment to his will, just in case he is killed.

I tell him "That's interesting" referring to the will (weird things happen in dreams, like finding wills interesting!!)

He says "We're changing it, cause Hannibal won't be with us on this one, though he'll be alright".

Anyways, I leave Hannibal for a short while to meet up with some spooky friends. They follow me back to Hannibal, and I start getting a queazy feeling about them. (They were actually people from work, a few mates from there) I catch them saying something, and they shut up as soon as they know I'm listening. Panicking, I start to run (believing they are bad guys intent on hurting me and Hannibal) back to the house, open the door (the key jams, typical) and close and lock the door. I head up to Hannibal who is unconscious, and try and load one of the antique guns.

"Hannibal, really could use your help here" I say as I finally load the weapon. They are coming up the stairs, and I let one shot go as they panic and flee back down again to get more guns.

This is the part that sucks. I panicked myself so much over protecting Hannibal, that I woke myself up!! The best dream ever, and I wake myself up! drat!

Dream 20.08.00