GA Price

Alone by my Lonesome

Sittin' on the couch,
Watching purple people meld
Into walls and carpets
Such sights always beheld

The VA is a distant place
Lots of people, lack of talkin'
Nutballs crouched in shadows
With insibible pets that they're walking

In a room with many others
I'm all alone by my lonesome
Captain Murdock, certifiable
Listen to my lonely woesome

Waitin' for the bell to sound
Then time to be springing and sprung
That Facey scams me out to field
To missions that remain unsung

There's nout more lonely than a loner
A mental patient on their own
I'll ride the song and keep undone
The devils's company for a loan

Until such day they declare me sane
A terrible silence shall ensue
Within my mind, whole choirs sing
Till fact is blurred and nothin's true

Alone by my lonesome, I always am
Nurses, doctors, shun my words
I fall in silence, silence falls
Listening to the outside birds