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A-Team in the Woods

Face edged warily around the huge tree and signalled for BA and Hannibal to come forward. They did so reluctantly, coming across a small wooden house in the middle of the forest.  

"This is weird" Hannibal muttered, drawing close to Face.

"You got it" Face mumbled, opening the door warily and walking inside. The house was empty save for one chair and a small table. It was perfectly polished, the wooden floor and ceiling.

"Lets keep moving on, we've got a job to do" Hannibal said, walking further into the forest with BA and Face following close behind.

It was close to midday when the team came across a magnificent structure, it looked like an age old building created by the Aztec's. Such an immense piece of work, standing as tall as the Pyramids in Egypt with the familiar ancient design.

"My god" Face muttered, walking to the building, all indecision and wariness cast aside.

"Careful!" Hannibal warned. "I don't like this.  In case we need a sharp exit, call Murdock and have him fly here as soon as he can".

Face nodded, punched the numbers into his mobile phone and dialed Murdock's VA number. Hannibal watched the Lieutenant carefully, observing Face's sudden change of attitude. Face pushed the off button and glared at Hannibal.

"He's out with a friend. The VA have left a message for him to call us when he gets in" Face said dejectedly. "What should we do, Colonel?"

"We'll take a good look at this place" Hannibal said softly.

Half an hour later, Murdock returned to the VA.  He took his messages from the front desk and cursed himself for being out when the team called him. Quickly he dialed Face's mobile and listened with interest to the team's discovery, promising to be there within an hour and a half.


"Murdock's here" Face called from the doorway of the colossal building. "He's parked the bird outside in that clearing".

"Good Murdock" Hannibal praised, watching the pilot emerge in awe, looking at the building in amazement.

"What is this place, Colonel?" Murdock asked in a low voice.

"Don't know" Hannibal said, lighting his cigar.

"Its ancient. Probably from a civilisation as yet undiscovered" Face mused, looking at the giant buttons aligning the low roof above him.  "Wonder what these do?".

"Don't press them, Face" BA said.

Hannibal wandered over to the low ceiling, and before the others could react simultaneously pressed all the buttons. "Some ancient civilisation, this thing's marked 'Made in Russia'".

"Russia? But it looks so old" Face said amazed.  "I hope those buttons don't release a bomb Colonel!"

As if in response to Face's exclamation, a small runway started to rise up from under the ground, leveling and then continuing to rise until it slanted at a steep angle.  

"Get out of here now!" Hannibal roared signalling for the others to climb over the runway before it was too late for escape.

BA and Murdock immediately scaled the sloping runway, however Hannibal couldn't get a grip with his leather gloves on. Face stood, frozen in terror as Hannibal clawed at the runway.

"Get outta here, kid!" Hannibal shouted, noticing Face standing still. As if prompted by Hannibal's urgent cry, Face leapt back out of the building's door and ran to where Murdock and BA were standing.

"Where's Hannibal, muchacho?" Murdock asked worriedly.

"You guys carry on, I'll get him out" Face said bravely, determined to die with his leader if that was what was required.

"You'll be killed as well Face!" Murdock countered, grabbing Face's arm. Face pushed Murdock away from him and ran back to the building which was crumbling from the force of the once hidden runway.  

"Hannibal ...." Face called into the debri where Hannibal had been standing moments earlier.  He was no-where to be seen. "Hannibal ....".

Suddenly a gloved hand pulled Face back from the building, and forced Face around. It was Hannibal, and together Face and Hannibal ran in the opposite direction to Murdock and BA.

"We'll never get away in time" Face yelled, panting from the run.

Suddenly Hannibal spotted a plane suspiciously like the one in Holiday in the Hills, and ordered Face to climb aboard.

"You don't know how to fly" Face complained.

"We'll see" Hannibal grinned, driving the little aircraft forward into the undergrowth.  At one point, the ground dropped a little quite steeply and the plane stayed level hovering above the ground.

Face turned to Hannibal and started to giggle uncontrollably "If Murdock could see you now!" he mocked gently.

Hannibal grinned and brought the plane to a stop in yet another clearing. Face and Hannibal watched the building for a second, and then the loudest music ever heard started bursting out.

"Rock music!" Face said in awe "Where did that come from?"

"I knew that was going to happen" Hannibal stammered "I just didn't want anyone's eardrum's to shatter if the music was too loud".

Face rolled his eyes, and looked up at a hill behind them.  "There is another plane up there. We could run it off the edge and fly back to Murdock and BA".

"Good idea. Guess there is no bomb" Hannibal muttered, starting to scale the hill. Face did the same. Once they reached the plane, Hannibal took the controls and started the descent to the edge of the hill. The plane gathered speed and rolled off the hill-face and took flight.  

"Wow, this is great fun" Face smiled.  "I think I want to learn to fly!".

Dumping the plane behind the building which was still blaring rock music, Hannibal and Face soon rejoined Murdock and BA. Talking merrily of the weird day they had all had, they made their way back to the army barracks.


The army barracks, which looked suspiciously like Hannurdock's old school, was where the soldiers were converging for an early morning meeting.  In an assembly hall, the A-Team passed into the hall, temporarily becoming lost to each other as they joined the throngs of soldiers.

Face was dressed in a military suit, and sat near the exit, whilst Hannibal sat three rows in front. BA and Murdock had lost themselves in the crowd.

Hannibal turned to Face and waved.  Face smiled, feeling bored.  

A general arrived and Face and the three other soldiers in his row rose and saluted simultaneously. The general nodded, pleased and then walked down to the front of the assembly.

"I'm bored. Are you?" One of the soldiers asked Face.

"Yes, want to get out of here?" Face asked quickly. Together they walked quickly out of the assembly room and darted down the hall.


Face walked for a while, lost in thought. His idea of learning to fly still invaded his thoughts, but he did not want Murdock to know of his intentions, lest Murdock think Face was trying to take over his role in the team.

Face looked at a few Generals and Officers from the Army's Air Force, and walked up to one of them.

"Hi, where can I sign up for flying lessons?" Face asked.

"The man over there can help you" The Officer pointed to the General.

Face walked up to the General and asked the same question.

"If you go private, lessons are around 375 dollars, if you join the army lessons are only 35 dollars each" The General said.

"I'm already in the army" Face said, wondering why, if he was wearing a full army uniform the General need ask him such a thing.

"Ah okay, here take a leaflet" The General said, pushing a leaflet into Face's hands.

And that was where I woke up, from my very odd dream about the A-Team!!

Hannurdock, who was Face in this dream ...