GA Price

A Halloween Dream

Murdock warily edged closer to the bulky figure, the leather mask defining the evil that lurked behind them, the eyes closed as if in prayer. The chainsaw lay motionless on the ground. He touched the leather with his fingers and suddenly the man's eyes popped open.

Murdock fell back in terror as a knife sliced into his chest. Face grabbed Murdock's hand and together they ran hearing the frightening sounds of a chainsaw coming to life reverberating through the woods.  They knew he was coming, it was only a matter of time until he caught them up ....


Gina stood with Amy, checking her watch impatiently.  They were standing beside Face's corvette at the edge of an immense wood.

"Thought the guys said they'd be right here?" Gina asked impatiently.

"They always run into trouble" Amy smirked.  "Maybe they're planning to surprise us with a halloween trick tonight".

Gina sighed.  Suddenly, a small twinkle of light caught her eye. Gina turned to face the woods, her eyes narrowing, trying to see where the light had come from. Whilst Amy circled the car and turned on the radio for some comfort sounds, Gina slipped off.  The lights became more intense, and suddenly Gina found herself staring at a small cottage surrounded by trees. The twinkle of light was from a lamp post which was badly in need of a decent energy supply.  The lamp promptly died, leaving the small lights in the house as the only source of life.

She could hear the sounds of men talking. The sound was coming from the woods, however she didn't want to meet strange men at this hour. She opted for the safer option.

Gina walked up to the door, and found it was open. She edged her way inside, unaware of the slight footsteps behind her. The door closed ominously ....


Amy looked around herself and let out a sigh of desperation.


The words echoed around her, enclosing her in terrifying loneliness.

"When I get my hands on you ...." Amy swore as she slammed shut the door of the corvette, and walked with sure steps into the wood.

The woods enclosed Amy, making her feel small and lost. Her vulnerability made her feel close to tears, and she again called Gina's name helplessly.

The sounds of men talking alerted her suddenly. Amy made her way towards the sound, relaxing as she thought she recognised the voices as the team ....


Hannibal and BA stood waiting for Face and Murdock.

"Where'd the fool have to go to?" BA growled.

"He needed a piss. So did Face. When they get back we'll make a move" Hannibal said reprovingly. However, he also felt the fear knotting his chest. He only hoped wherever Face and Murdock were, they'd get back as fast as they could ....


Face felt Murdock stumble beside him.  He kept on, unable to face Murdock. He knew Murdock had been wounded but felt terrified to see the extent. The welcome lights of the van startled him, and he heard familiar voices.  He blindly felt his way through the thicket to come face-to-face with the welcome grimace of BA ....


Gina walked up the stairs softly.  She heard the door close behind her, but felt mesmerised by the open door at the top of the stairs, a flood of light descended as she arrived at her destination.

The bedroom was small and cosy, a fire roaring in a hearth in the wall.  She walked up to the bed and turned suddenly.  The door closed of its own accord.  Before Gina knew what was happening, she had been hit savagely and thrown upon the bed ....


Amy wandered towards the voices.  Her bravado had long since disappeared.  She saw the men talking and hid behind a tree.  They seemed like images, and every so often they would flicker and fade. She listened to the dialogue intently.

"Want a cigarette?" one man asked to the other.  The other man was dressed all in black, with a savage axe in his hand.  The axe was black and the handle reached the ground.

"No thanks. Gives you cancer" The Grim Reaper said turning to Amy.  "How about you? Want a cigarette on this enchanted night?".

Amy shook her head, and looked down at her body.  She screamed in terror as she saw the tar dripping from her exposed skin. Without looking back, Amy ran as fast she could away from this horror.  She looked down at herself again.  The tar had gone ....


Gina felt the unmistake cold flesh surround her and passed out promptly. She could see nothing, but she felt as if she were floating through ice.  Her breathing slowed dangerously as the Hollow Man lay atop her, content to smother her and determined to stop her breathing.


Face fell into BA's arms.  "He's right behind us! Leatherface!".

"Who?" BA asked.

Hannibal heard the unmistable sound of a chainsaw, and told BA.  "Grab Murdock, put him in the van. We're leaving to find the girls. Now!".

Leatherface saw his prey escaping in the van. Enraged he continued the pursuit ....


Amy ran blindly into the road.  BA slammed on the brakes.  

"Hey Amy! You trying to get killed" BA swore, getting out of the van and pulling Amy with him. She was terrified, had obviously endured a horrific ordeal.  As Face comforted the frightened girl, Hannibal tended to Murdock's wounds and sighed.

"He's going to be okay. Its just a flesh wound" Hannibal said.


Murdock was feeling much better, and he smiled as Amy caught his eye. "You okay, Muchacha?".

Amy nodded and then started suddenly "Gina!".

"Where is she?" Hannibal asked concerned. "I thought I'd asked you girls to stay together till we picked you up".

"She went off alone into the woods" Amy stammered.

Hannibal groaned.  "That's just great!".

Murdock leant forward.  "We have to find her, Colonel!".

Hannibal nodded.  "How are you feeling, Captain?".

Murdock nodded.  "I'm okay.  A little bandage does wonders".

"Very well, you and Face will look for Gina. BA, Amy and I will distract Leatherface".


Gina's breathing slowed further.  She couldn't see what was covering her face, but she knew she was dying.  She tried to turn her head desperately, and failed.  She closed her eyes, falling deep into a coma, lost and alone.


Leatherface eyed the corvette suspiciously.  Laying his chainsaw on the back seat, he sat in the driver's seat and felt for the ignition.


Face and Murdock scouted the woods for Gina, happening upon the small cottage. They wandered inside and ventured slowly upstairs, and gasped at what they saw ....


Gina lay, covered with a shining, oozing substance. Face directed Murdock around the side of the bed, asking him to hide and then insulted the ooze which followed him out of the house while Murdock frantically tried to revive Gina. It worked and Gina coughed as she started to breathe again. Face meanwhile was being chased by the vicious ooze.

And that's where I woke up, Leatherface was chasing the van which had Amy, Hannibal and BA inside. Face was being chased by the ooze. And I was being kissed by Murdock *slobber* Hannurdock .....